Barbur Law: Who We Are

Welcome to Barbur Law! We are a small estate planning firm and we pride ourselves on being practical, reliable, and local.

Barbur Law Milwaukie was established in 2012 as a solo general practice by Scott Barbur, a sixth-generation Oregonian and Lewis and Clark Law School alumnus. Dabbling in many areas of the law to get off the ground, it didn’t take long for Scott to find his passion: helping people in his community with their estate planning needs.

Since 2012, Barbur Law has grown from a solo general shop, to a small estate planning firm, with two distinct Oregon office locations, serving both Milwaukie and Tillamook. With full-time staff in both communities, we have established a strong presence in Tillamook, while remaining available and committed to our clients in Milwaukie.

Today, while we largely focus on estate planning, probate, and trust administration, we additionally assist our clients with business and real property contracts. At Barbur Law, we believe that the law shouldn’t be hard to understand when it comes to planning for your business, your assets, or your loved ones. We know that estate planning can feel overwhelming — even scary — and that’s where we come in.

It’s our sincere pleasure to guide you through the decision-making process to put a thoughtful plan in place, and to help adjust that plan as your needs change with time. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we do know that with proper planning, our clients can greet tomorrow with peace of mind.

From Barbur Law's Clients:

“Not long after getting married, my wife and I completed a money management course where the importance of having a will was discussed. I reached out to Scott, and during our initial consultation, he outlined the many challenges my wife and I could face, given our blended family and combined multiple streams of income. While I plan to live a long and healthy life, working with Scott to put together our estate plan gave us peace of mind. Now we know that our assets are safe no matter what tomorrow brings."

— Charlie K.

"My husband and I went to Barbur Law for our wills. We weren't sure what to expect, but Scott worked through our concerns and suggested great answers. We feel so relieved that our affairs are in order."

— Michelle H.

"I put off my will for too long because I was anxious about the process. Scott made the planning process such a breeze that I actually wondered why I waited so long in the first place. I found Scott easy to talk to, professional, and very down-to-earth. My family will continue to use his legal services moving forward. Great experience!"

— Megan S.

"As a bank manager, I have trust and confidence in the team at Barbur Law to treat our mutual clients with the same high level of personalized service that I provide to my own customers. I highly recommend adding this law firm to your team of trusted advisors."

— Sarah K.

"We were able to complete our will without any difficulty. He made it really easy for us. Polite and professional! Would recommend!"

— Shawn H.

"I have used Scott for several different legal issues and have always been happy with the result. He most recently put together and helped me issue stock certificates for my recently formed C Corporation. He got all of the information he needed from me in one meeting and had stock certificates to me the next day with instructions on how to issue them. He even helped me catch a mistake that I made in how I wanted the certificates issued to make sure that I did it right the first time. Thanks Scott for your diligent and timely work."

— Jonathan O.

"So approachable and easy to work with. Scott navigated our needs so well regarding a piece of property. Thanks so much Scott and team!"

— Krystle A.

Milwaukie & Tillamook Oregon Legal Expert

Scott Barbur is a lawyer specializing in estate planning & administration and in other areas of law revolving around the protection and management of property, assets and wealth.

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