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How To Name a Fiduciary

It feels impossible to decide who is best suited to handle your financial or healthcare decisions on your behalf should the time come that you are no longer able to decide these things for yourself. Equally daunting is who to task with carrying out your wishes when you pass away. Considering not only who to choose, but how to choose feels weighty. In an effort to help my clients navigate this naming process, I’ve made a list of considerations - in order - of what I feel should be the priorities in naming a fiduciary.

Practical. Reliable. Local.

When you own a business, your reputation precedes you. In this time of great dependence on technology, before I meet with a client for the first time, it is highly likely that they have googled my firm, read past client reviews, studied my website, and so on. Much like online dating, finding the right attorney can be intimidating, and there is a wealth of information one can dig up before the in-person litmus test can be conducted. Considering this, I recently found myself asking: what is it that I want potential clients to know about me right off the bat? The three adjectives that come to mind are practical, reliable, and local.

Why You Should “Legal Local”

You often hear “eat local” and “shop local”, but what about “legal local”? Admittedly, that does not have quite the same ring to it, but the premise is the same. When you hire a local attorney, not only are you getting a more personally tailored legal experience, but also, you are investing in your community. It is increasingly important for communities, especially small towns and neighborhoods, to invest in their local professionals (think: lawyers, accountants, doctors and others), as it grows diversity and connectivity, bolsters economic stability, and, ultimately, allows for communities to be more well-rounded, self-sufficient and sustainable.

Estate Planning 101: Wills Versus Trusts

People often ask me if they need a Will or a Trust. This is a good question, and, ultimately, arriving at the answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Your reasons and objectives for your estate plan go a long way toward making the determination regarding which tool to use.

Estate Planning During Coronavirus

So far, 2020 is not the year we were expecting. The more we learn about Coronavirus, the more it appears that the virus can affect anyone. It comes as no surprise that people of all ages are asking how to draft an estate plan.

When It Comes To Estate Planning, “Too Young” Is Too Often The Excuse

Young people feel invincible. And yet, we all have personal experiences that remind us otherwise. So, why, as an attorney who focuses almost exclusively on estate planning, do I hear the “too young to have an estate plan” justification for not planning, time and again? I am here to tell you that everyone needs an estate plan. Allow me to repeat myself for those in their 20’s and 30’s who are still reading: everyone needs an estate plan.

Top 10 Reasons to get an Estate Plan

A great reason to have an estate plan is that you own assets. If you own assets, something has to happen to them when you pass away and can no longer own them. Preparing an estate plan can help to make sure your assets go to the right people.

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